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Vest-Fiber Specialized in Cutting & Delivery of Materials to the Composites Industry.

Today we employ 67 people in processing and packaging of kit in various materials such as:

    • Multi axial fabrics/reinforcement.
    • Foam/core material used in sandwich constructions.
    • Non-woven, Release film, and vacuum consumables.
    • “Ready-to-use” Infusion net-set kits.

Our state of the art CNC cutting units will process more than 7000 tons of Fabrics and convert more than 600.000 sq meter of core material on a yearly basis.


Vest-Fiber has years of experience in cutting Multi axial and Unidirectional fabrics in all kinds of materials. From non-woven textiles, stitch Glass to woven Kevlar or Carbon fabrics. Our wide cutting equipment with vacuum fixation is capable of cutting multi layers of 100 inch wide Fabrics and with absolute minimal of waste. When cut according to customers specification, we rollup and label the material and finally pack it in “Ready-to-use” kits

Core Material Kits

We manufacture customized core material kits in all kinds of foam or balsa wood, which can be used in sandwich construction in e.g. Rotor blades or Nacelle covers for wind turbines, boatbuilding, civil construction, automotive industry etc. Our process includes groove and drilling of holes in rigid foam sheets as well as cutting and milling to shape on CNC machinery.

Infusion Kits

Regardless which manufacturing process you use, we can assist in optimizing your process time and out-put, by supplying total kits of consumables, foils, or flow media required. On the widest CNC cutting machine available in the World, we can process up to 4 meter wide material. We have experience in processing almost all kinds of plastic materials, and have developed special equipment for welding/seaming of foil and method for fixation of inlet profiles.

Reliable quality with full traceability

Steady supply of material with reliable quality is a must in all Industries throughout the World. Where required we will deliver with traceability on materials and products, in order to keep relevant history trace back to the raw material supplier, production methods and/or process parameters. Quality control is a fundamental part of our process, and in 2010 Vest-Fiber was certified according to ISO 9001:2008.